Black Origin Stories and White Supremacy Narratives with Tony Perry

November 19, 2021

Join Us for Season One: Episode Three! In this episode, I chat with Tony Perry AKA The Ghetto Activist.  Tony and I have a vivid, honest and powerful conversation sharing our reflections on white supremacy, race and ethnicity, origin stories and White Saviorism. Tony reminds us of the power of historical narratives by expanding our perspectives on everything from Moorish culture to the Nathaniel Bacon Rebellion. Please connect to Tony and his work at his website. Additionally, in this episode Tony cites the multi-volume text: Black Athena. Tony and I also recommend the following resources for more information and learning:

The Black War: Fear, Sex and Resistance in Tasmania

Superior: The Return of Race Science

We Charge Genocide: The Crime of Government Against the Negro (PDF)

Myth of Race: The Troubling Persistence of an Unscientific Idea

Introduction to African Civilizations 

Golden Age of the Moor

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