“I’m not Going to Let Whiteness Kill Me” with Retonia Brashier

January 28, 2022

Join Us for our Season One Finale! It is with extreme pride and tremendous gratitude that I was able to record the last episode of the debut season with my dearest friend Retonia Brashier of Race Talk with Retonia. She is a partner, mother, grandmother and an antiracist educator! In this episode, Retonia and I deeply share why we refuse to let Whiteness kill us! We commune and labor together in deep ways  reflecting our shared sisterhood. We are vulnerable in sharing our internal struggles with Anti-Blackness and internalized white supremacy. Retonia shares personal testimony on how she’d rather be kind than nice and gives powerful elder wisdom about the urgency required for Black Liberation. We both testify that Black liberation is a liberatory movement for all of humanity!  Additionally, I spend some time sharing a framework that can help non-Black people honor the upcoming Black History month. I also share some thoughts on how Black people can also honor themselves during the month as well. Lastly, I announce that our spring book exchange selection is God is a Black Woman by theologian, social psychologist, and activist Dr. Christena Cleveland. Please make sure you check out my website or The AntiBlackness Reader or Divesting from Whiteness Instagram platforms to find out more. You can find Race Talk with Retonia on Instagram. 

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