”White, But Not Practicing” with Maria Marquis

January 14, 2022

Join Us for Season One: Episode Seven! In this episode, I talk with my friend Maria Marquis. Maria is a DEI Consultant, organizational coach, (voice) actor, and audio-book narrator.  Some of my most enriching work experiences have happened in partnership with Maria and I’m honored to have her as a guest this season. Maria talks quite candidly about her identity as a woman living a racialized life. She expands upon her definitions of the terms white, Whiteness, and white supremacy. Moreover, she gets honest about the complicit violence of white womanhood. You can find Maria online at her website: Coaching by Maria.  During this episode I mention a memoir by Chanel Miller entitled: Know my Name.

Trigger Warning: This episode does contain language and ideas relating to sexual violence. Please contact RAINN if you or someone your care about needs support.

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