“Whiteness is Hurting All of Us” with Andrea Miller

January 25, 2022

Join Us for Season One (Bonus) Episode Eight! I realized after recording the entirety of the debut season there was one conversation that needed to take place and I had Andrea Miller of Her Story Speaks Podcast in mind! Andrea is a partner, mother and a powerhouse podcaster! But more than that she is a woman whose transparency is evident. In this episode, Andrea responds to the question: For white people learning to decenter themselves where do you start? I decided to let this episode respond to some of the unspoken questions that may have lingered at the end of my White-on White Crimes series that I shared over the winter holiday season.  I believe that Andrea shares a powerful testimony examining the violence of Whiteness and white supremacy that has impacted herself, her faith, and her family. Moreover, she like previous guests is explicit about the complicit violence of white womanhood. During this episode, Andrea mentions Lettie Gore of History Shows Us Podcast, Tasha Hunter of the When We Speak Podcast and Marcie Alvis-Walker of Black Coffee with White Friends.

Trigger Warning: This episode does contain language and ideas relating to Body dysmorphic disorder and eating disorders. Please contact NEDA if you are someone your care about needs support.

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